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This one is very nice too. Good stuff. Did you see the Ruth Schwarz piece I posted on my blog?

Lee Hickman

Yeah, I really liked the Ruth Schwarz piece - maybe a little to Pollock for its own good but hey, who am I to talk!

I'm planning on Numbers 5 and 6 being completed by the end of this month, I'll let you know when they're done.

Glad you liked Number 4.


The paint looked really thick in the Shwarz piece. What kind of paint are you using? I paint abstract stuff and have started using a lot of ordinary household latex paint rather than "artist" paints. They're more economical and lower viscosity but also contain less pigment - that can make color-mixing more challenging.

Lee Hickman

I tend to use childrens poster paint - the kind kids use in nursery school. Crude - but effective.

Are there any images of your work to look at on your blog?


I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's very hard to emulate the American expressionists, especially Pollock. I've seen many try, even ego-loaded indie guitarists, but very few do it justice.

That said, I reckon you are just following your own nose on these paintings. Sure, you're aware of Pollock, and are a fan of his work, but I imagine there is something of a release in making paintings this way. Action painting is great, relevant, vibrant...and you do it well. Becuase you invest a lot of yourself into them, they become more than just Pollock-style paintings. They're balanced, well-composed, and thankfully you are not afraid to go over the edges.


Lee Hickman

More there will be.

Cheers Colly.


I've posted very few photos of my paintings because I'm not happy with how they photograph. I need to get better lighting. However, I did post a painting tonight. It's not my favorite, but the lighting is decent.

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